The Bully

noun: a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

verb :use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.








“Behind every great fortune there is a crime” – —Balzac

This is a quote from the book Godfather written by Mario Puzo, while most crime have been punished one of the most common crime which has been punished least historically has been bullying. While bullying might be a crime or morally & ethically wrong it is one of the most widely used strategy across the globe. People, organization and institution with superior strength take undue advantage of their weaker counterparts for the one very simple reason ‘because they can’!









Everyone either has a firsthand experience or knows a school bully, the person who used to terrorize others. The same mentality translates into the corporate world as well. We see so many examples of Corporate Bullies. But very few companies even come under the radar of the government agencies for strong arming the competition, majority of the bullies gets away with it. Two of the simplest reasons why Bullies gets away with it

1. Money Power

2. Lobbying

Long gone are the days of World War’s, the real battle happens in the boardrooms from corporate espionage to corporate bullying to hostile takeover are all different forms of the battle that happens behind the scene.

Industries like Technology & Finance are famous for their lobbying and getting their way. Companies have treaded over 100’s of smaller companies in the name of profits and market share, by all means possible. Most of the times they go unpunished both by courtrooms and even news rooms, making talks of corporate bullying nothing more than conspiracy theories.

For Eg Reliance taking the telecom industry by its low cost bullying; BCCI strong arming ICC for favorable conditions; Facebook lobbying for Free Basics; FDI’s terror in pharma groups etc

Few companies have been taken to court for such issues. For eg. Microsoft was sued by United States Department of Justice and 20 states in the late 90’s. The main charges were Microsoft becoming a monopoly and engaging in abusive practices contrary to the Sherman Antitrust Act 1890. Similarly European commission probed allegations of anti-trust violations by Google. There were no lasting repercussions on both Microsoft & Google.

Hate it, abhor it or ignore it the stronger has been bullying the weak since ages and there seems to be no end to it be it school, college, corporate worlds or nations!!

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Contributed by Shreyam Shah guest blogger.


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